Foundations and Associated Organisations

One of the goals of APACI is to facilitate the development of an influenza foundation (or similar group) in each country within the Asia-Pacific region. It is intended that, over time, each foundation will be interlinked, utilising a comprehensive communication and education network.
Influenza Foundations have been established in India, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Members of APACI's Executive Council are also active in influenza associated organisations in Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines and Republic of Korea.

Below is a list of organisations that currently exist, with links to their respective sites.


Guidance for Developing a Sustainable Multistakeholder Immunization Coalition

APACI1Guidance for Developing a Sustainable Multistakeholder Coalition was created based on insights from immunization coalition experts and analysis of notable immunization coalitions. It is written to help public health leaders and organizations learn about immunization coalitions and provide guidance on tangible actions they can take to create coalitions in their own countries.

 (Updated 1 September 2023)