The meeting was opened by Dr Nguyen Tran Hien, Director National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE), Hanoi, Vietnam and A/Prof Lance Jennings, APACI Chair, Canterbury Health Laboratories, New Zealand

1: Burden of Disease and the Management of Influenza

Chair: Prof Pham Nhat An
Head of Infectious Diseases and Vice Director of National Pediatric Hospital (NPH)

Molecular epidemiology of influenza in Vietnam
Dr Hoang Vu Mai Phuong (Vietnam), National Influenza Center, NIHE

Latitude gradients and climate associations of influenza-like illness in Vietnam
Dr Pham Quang Thai (Vietnam), Department of Epidemiology, NIHE

Influenza in the Ha Nam cohort: attack rates and transmission in households
Dr Annette Fox (Vietnam), Oxford University Clinical Research Unit

Diagnosis & management of influenza
A/Prof Michael Nissen (Australia), University of Queensland, Royal Children's Hospital

Clinical management of H5N1/H7N9 infections
Dr Tawee Chotipitayasunondh (Thailand), Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand Linked to PDF in 3 parts: Tawee Part 1 : Tawee Part 2 : Tawee Part 3

Healthcare workers & influenza
Dr Holly Seale (Australia), School of Public Health & Community Medicine, University of New South Wales Link to PDF

2: Vaccine Strategies
Chair: Clin Prof David Smith (APACI Director)
PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA, Australia

WHO Global Action Plan on vaccines
Dr Jan Hendriks (Switzerland), WHO Link to PDF in 2 parts: Hendriks Part 1 : Hendriks Part 2

Influenza vaccination in Asia Pacific countries
Dr Jeffrey Partridge (Vietnam), Influenza Program US-CDC Link to PDF

Systematic review of influenza vaccine effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in low and mid-income countries
Dr Siu Lun John Tam (Hong Kong), formerly WHO Link

A strategy for the control of pandemic influenza
Dr Ih-Jen Su (Taiwan), National Research Health Institutes Not yet available

3: Innovations & New Initiatives
Chair: Lance Jennings (APACI Director)
Canterbury Health Laboratories, New Zealand

Anti H5N1 specific polyclonal immunoglobulin - A new approach for the clinical management of H5N1 infected patients
Dr Bertrand Lepine (France) Fabentech Link to PDF

Health Education Study
Dr Bram Palache, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) Not yet available

Strengthening influenza communication through evidence and science
Ms Claudia Nannei and Ms Asiya Odugleh-Kolev (Switzerland), WHO Link to PDF