List of Courses

  1. Influenza globally Parts 1-5 Prof Lance Jennings
  1. Vaccination of pregnant women to protect the mother and the infant Parts 1-4 Prof Anahita Chauhan
  2. Vaccine effectiveness and new vaccines Parts 1-4 Prof Ben Cowling
  1. Effectiveness of neuraminidase inhibitors Dr David Smith
  2. Antiviral treatment in children Dr Tawee Chotpitayasunondh
  3. Antiviral treatment In hospitalised adults Dr Paul Chan
  4. Antiviral resistant influenza infections Dr Dominic Dwyer
  5. Antiviral resistance surveillance Dr Aeron Hurt
  6. Antiviral stockpiling in pandemic preparedness Dr Vernon Lee
  1. Vaccine efficacy and effectiveness Dr Alain Moren
  2. Cost effectiveness of influenza vaccination Dr Vernon Lee
  3. Implications of antigenic variability Dr Derek Smith
  1. Risks and potential for new pandemics Dr Hui-Ling Yen
  2. Mortality & morbidity estimates in the Asia Pacific Region Dr Ben Cowling
  1. Vaccinating pregnant women and children against influenza Dr Abdullah Brooks
  2. Seasonal influenza vaccine in reducing community acquired pneumonia Dr Mark Simmerman
  3. Quadrivalent influenza vaccines for “At-Risk” groups Prof Lance Jennings

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